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Peace: my biggest priority

As I was driving along the M3 on Sunday, trying to sort out the muddle in my head, because it is ALWAYS in a muddle and driving is a good time to organise it, I thought about how different my life is now, compared to this time last year. Last year I didn’t write this [...]

How to avoid public transport (according to my toddler).

I was just folding up the washing, chatting to myself with Eliza in the room so I felt less mad. “Right tonight, I’m going to get you two in to bed, then put in some words on my book.”“Okay Mummy.  Why?” “So I can make lots of money and look after you two rather than [...]

“Blog Junk”, a poem

I had a thought not long agoI’d finally get on and writeNothing special, just about our livesKeep it nice and light So I started a blog to record it allI discovered some others tooI found networks, and gimmicks, memes, awardsSuddenly there was alot to do I got some readers, lord only knows whyBut it made [...]