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And So This is 40, and What Have I Done?

I was the best runner at school, shame I waited till my 30's to take it up again

I woke up yesterday morning and the weirdest thing happened. I was 40. How did that happen so quickly? One day I was dancing at secret raves and generally living life without a care in the world and the next I’m married, 2 kids, a grown up house, proper job and a full 40 years [...]

Birthday Girl

Exhausted birthday girl

My littlest girl was four on Friday. The birthday girl jumped out of bed bright and early (no change there then) and jumped on our bed. “Happy birthday darling.” I said sleepily. “It’s not my birthday, I’m 4!” “Yes, that’s why it’s your birthday.” “Oh” she said and laughed hysterically. Eliza came and joined the [...]

Butterfly Kiss

Just in case you were in any doubt what a butterfly actually was

I remember quite well when my mother showed me what a butterfly kiss was, she fluttered her eyelashes against mine, I can remember the tickling feeling as we fluttered them together and from then on only wanting butterfly kisses when I went to school or when she put me to bed. It’s funny the things [...]

A Few Memories of My Childhood

I'm not quite old enough to remember this

My conversations with Eliza remind me every day that there is real wonder and beautiful innocence in being 5. At the moment she’s very interested in my childhood so we have isolated random conversations about that. As I was stroking her hair tonight after her stories, she asked me, “Mummy what did you do when [...]