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Easter Break


The past couple of weeks my life has been a Boden catalogue. Bar the odd work email, it has been entirely about the Family. Of course that comes with many non-Boden catalogue type of things, such as spousal arguments, losing it with kids who mess about at bedtime and the large quantities of red wine [...]

Holiday Freedom

Him indoors and Tilly

Holidays are great aren’t they? Honestly just a few days away from the office, the chores, the everyday stress that we all deal with has such restorative powers. Actually to be honest we were camping so I didn’t leave all the chores behind, but washing up in a bucket watching the sun go down is [...]

Holiday Memories

A Pengerlit apparently

Holidays are what wonderful memories are made of. And I have some very special ones to add to my collection. 1. Tilly realising that copying Eliza’s every word got a reaction. This was very funny until the inevitable sense of humour failure on the part of my eldest daughter kicked in. 2. Watching the girls [...]

The One That Didn’t Get Away


You should have seen the one that did get away…