7 Things Dry January Taught Me

Dry january

Dry January is officially over. I confess that I haven't been completely purist about it. There was the trip to Dubai with Jonathan mid-month, he may well have sent me home on the first flight if I had refused a glass of wine, and besides I didn't do … [Continue reading]


It's taken me 6 years and a huge amount of self loathing and recrimination but I think I might finally have grasped the art of distraction that parenting experts tell you about. They make it sound so easy. "Child wants to play with the razor blades … [Continue reading]

Random conversations at bedtime

i love you mummy

Every now and then I just want to remember something the girls have said. This is one such time. I cycled up the hill this evening in the freezing cold, with hands like blocks of ice after having left my gloves at home this morning. I was on the … [Continue reading]

Goodbye Mabel

Goodbye Mabel

I rescued Mabel from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home about 11 years ago, maybe a bit longer. Somewhere in the roof are the documents, long since put in a 'safe place'. I went to choose her on my own, there were a few cats in the little cages, some … [Continue reading]

Father Christmas Is Watching You!

father christmas and his sleigh

Father Christmas is a very busy chap at this time of year, not only that but he's supremely blessed with the gift of multiple sight. How else can he watch all the children in the lead up to Christmas? Unfortunately the ONS won't give me an estimate … [Continue reading]

‘Tis the Season To Buy Stuff You Don’t Need AKA Christmas

christmas consumerism

It feels as if Christmas is about a day away. It's not of course, but the amount of Christmas consumerism that hits me each and every time I leave my house lately is giving me serious anxiety. I'm panicking about the presents I have yet to buy. I … [Continue reading]

6% of Mums Think They Make NO Mistakes Raising Their Children


Well good Lord I'd like to meet those 6%. That's an astonishing amount of perfect parents, when you consider the amount of parents in the UK. - 9% owned up to nearly leaving the children behind in a restaurant or at home. - 5% paid for a … [Continue reading]

Family Day Out: The Natural History Museum

The Earth Galleries at the Natural History Museum

It's not often that the whole family gets a whole day together, in fact lately it's been very rare what with him indoors' work, birthday parties, ballet rehearsals and all the other things that we call life. So today we decided that we'd do … [Continue reading]

Being a Working Mother Is So Effortless Isn’t It?


Recently I've read two articles, both by PR people (what I do for a living) and both professing to have the perfect working mother/work life balance. There are two common threads in these articles. They both talk about having supportive husbands and … [Continue reading]

Silent Sunday: Daddy’s Girls


It was a beautiful morning and both girls wanted a carry after the Church Fair. Why not? Surely that's what being a Dad is all about. … [Continue reading]