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PR/Advertising Policy


This is my blog and it has integrity. That’s why people read it. I won’t compromise that by peddling brands or services I don’t believe in. Sorry but always best to be honest right?

I do think that honest reviews are useful which is why I do them from time to time. They can be for anything; from stuff for my kids, to food, to fashion, to beauty to holidays. If it’s relevant to me or my family I’ll consider it for review. I have two small children, both girls and one husband, a man.

I write reviews on my review site. It’s a Mummy’s Life Reviews. Always honest but never mean.

Sponsored posts/SEO links/Promotions and all that jazz

I’ll consider each request on an individual basis, I’m a fickle human being, sometimes I’ll say yes, sometimes no. It keeps life interesting.

I very rarely accept guest posts from brands unless I love the brand or the content is inspiring. I also ask for a return link to the post. I will label all guest posts clearly in the interest of disclosure.

If having read that you do want to get in touch about something then please do so.

hollyward at itsamummyslife dot com